After being married for 31 years and especially since nobody gave us a chance to make it past 5 years because we were both still teenagers, I decided to write the

12 Rules to a Happy Marriage

1. Before you even decide to get married, make sure that you have many things in common. A pretty face or an attractive body are all very nice, but that will wear off in the living of life in a marriage.

2. Stay honest and straight. Secrets and lies will destroy your marriage and it’s not the biggest ones that cause the trouble.

3. Always remember your vows. These are not just some traditional ritual that you have to go through at the altar. They are the promises that you have made. PROMISES!!

4. Communicate a lot. Communication will solve any problem in your marraige so going silent will do nothing to resolve any unwanted issues. Nobody likes a sulker.

5. Keep it tidy in the bedroom. Both parties must consent to what you do there. It is a very emotional and highly volatile area of a marraige, so be respectful always.

6. Be creative. Keep your spouse guessing what you have planned next. A trip to the movies or a trip to a paradise island. Keep it interesting.

7. Never go to bed with an upset. Always work it out first or no sleep will be had and your upset will fester.

8. Always support your spouse in whatever endeavor they set out on. This is not only the recipe for a successful marraige, but a successful life.

9. Never be too proud to say sorry. If you are wrong, and sometimes even if you’re not, “sorry” will make life easier for both of you, and sometimes even bring the your spouse to admit their role in the issue.

10. Set a good example in every area of life. Exercise restraint in an argument, try your best at everything you do and always stand up for what is right. You will be loved for this.

11. Flowers are for everyone. Husband or wife and there is no cap on how many are enough.

12. When times are tough, the worst thing you can do is blame the other. It’s time to really swallow any resentment and band together with a plan to fix the situation. Be the partner that you would like to have in that situation. Laugh a lot.

I hope this helps you live a happy life together. It has worked for my wife and I. I’m a true believer that if you are happy in the home you’re happy in the workplace.