When I look around I see so many unhealthy people. Diseases and illnesses are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. This could be prevented and even reversed if people just knew the true data on a healthy lifestyle so I decided to write the 12 rules to healthy living.

1. Cut down on sugar or stay away from it completely. Your immune system is halved every time you eat sugar.

2. Exercise regularly. You should exercise at least 4 times a week.

3. Watch what you eat. Stay away from processed food.

4. Do not take drugs. Drugs will mess with your endocrine system and cause you more trouble than most other points on this list.

5. Wash your hands regularly. You will be surprised how this simple rule will cut down you frequency of illness.

6. Check the labels on the food you want to buy. Make sure there is no sugar, preservatives and especially artificial sweeteners.

7. Wheat and grain cause inflammation in you body and also turns to sugar. Try to eat as little as possible of this foods.

8. Insist that those around you who are sick stay away from you and others. It is your right to be health and to make sure illnesses and disease are not spread due to the complacency of others.

9. Keep your alcohol down to a minimum or to zero if you can. Alcohol is essentially poison and keeps your liver busy doing dealing with it for over 24 hours instead of doing what it is supposed to be doing.

10. Carbohydrates are not an essential food group as previously thought, but if you insist on eating carbohydrates, get them from organic vegetables where the fiber can counter the carbs.

11. Laugh a lot. This may seem too simple but it is valid when trying to keep good health. It will calm the adrenal glands.

12. Stay away from vegetable oils especially canola. These oils are processed and cause massive problems with digestion and inflammation.

I hope to see you healthy. I you are overweight then this will help with weight loss too.