I’m sure that we are all experiencing some kind of craziness right now. It is very easy for the lunacy of current affairs to spill over into your life and change the way you view things and how you react to them. You may even find yourself, from time to time thinking “What the hell did I say, or do that for. That’s really not like me at all.”Well the situation has been rigged to make you think that way and doubt yourself. Here’s 12 rules to keep your mind sane and stable:1. This you have heard before, but may never have done it – Turn off your radio and your TV. It’s garbage designed to control and mold your opinions and make you fearful of everything around you. But REALLY do it for at least a week and see for yourself.2. Stay away from those who are fearful of everything, who conform easily and do not question the motives of the lawmakers. These people will make your life difficult and because they are scared of everything around them, they cannot be trusted to make sane decisions. 3. Look for yourself. Do not just take what is spewed out by your government, or other authorities, as truth. This is not to say that everyone in a position of authority is dishonest, there are some honest people out there too. Look for yourself and know who is who. 4. Find a hobby like art or exercise or some activity that makes you feel good about yourself, and just do it for the hell of it. There doesn’t have to be a reason other than you like doing it and it makes you feel good.5. Join an activity that helps others. Something like a feeding program in your community or cleaning up the neighborhood. Helping others is one of the most therapeutic actions that a human being can do. 6. Find something that you believe in, but really believe in. What I’m talking about here is something that you, no matter what is going on around you, you know that this thing is true and you can use it to make you feel stable. Could be something like: I know my husband loves me, or I know how to build a model airplane. It should just be something that you are certain of.7. Never give up. Do not let the situation get the better of you ever. Keep your chin up and always find new ways to overcome the craziness out there. Doesn’t matter if your ways don’t work out, as long as you are creating some kind of future for yourself and not just allowing the environment to create your future for you. Just look at what the environment has done when left to sort itself out.8. Keep your home and office clean and tidy. You will be surprised at how this keeps you stable and also assist with income. There is enough confusion that is out there. Keeping your own space clean and tidy is something that you can control and will give you a good sense of stability.9. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. These substances create confusion in oneself and those around one. They do not help to stabilize one’s environment and although they seem to help one stay calm, the reality is that they cause far more problems than they are worth. 10. Keep in mind that humans always survive. In fact it may be said that this is all they are doing, trying to survive. You are tougher than you think and will make it through any situation no matter how uncomfortable it may seem now.11. If you are going to take part in any TV then make sure that you are watching something funny or an interesting documentary or a “How to….” show. Something that benefits your survival even if only in an emotional way or an educational way. Preferably both. 12. Use your time to knock off bad habits. Identify which of your habits are bad and work out a plan to stop the habit. There is nothing more satisfying than getting rid of an undesirable habit. It will help you realize that you are actually the boss of you and not a cigarette or glass of wine.