With the current situation in South Africa and probably the rest of the world I decided to write the 13 Rules for inter racial relations.

13 Rules for Good Inter Racial Relations

1. Don’t forward or share anti racist or racist comments, posts or any content that is anything to do with race.

2. Realize that the more you try to stop racism the more it will be there.

3. Always see the other person as a human being and treat them based on your own observation of their behavior no matter what race they are.

4. Understand and accept that there are definite cultural differences. Try to learn and understand them rather than have an opinion on something you know nothing or little of.

5. Never prejudge someone because of their race. Remember the “book and the cover” saying.

6. Never judge an entire race based on a news story you have seen. That is called generalizing and is not a great characteristic for anyone to possess.

7. Watch children of different races playing together and notice their happiness.

8. Always find out about someone of another race by having a good open chat with them. Ask them lots of questions about themselves.

9. Know that you don’t have to like or dislike someone just because of their race.

10. Always keep in mind that there are good and not so good people in every race. Even your own race.

11. Always know that if you take real ownership of who you are and take responsibility for your own life, you will have more affinity for your fellow man of any race.

12. Always remember that people of all races have similar problems and challenges in life. There’s no need to make it harder by disliking or even hating others.

13. Always leave the other person, no matter what race they are, happier than when you found them. Little by little we will chip away at unhappiness and have a less hateful world.

These rules are not perfect, but they are better than no rules at all. Let’s make South Africa a better place.R