How Will You Benefit by Using NIMA?

NIMA has a large data base of already screened candidate CV’s.

We also have broad networks that spread across Africa and the globe. This accounts for massive time saving on the client’s part when sourcing competent staff.

We will advertise on the client’s behalf and the client’s name can be kept confidential. There are many benefits to this. eg. No flooding of CV’s into the client’s inbox and no upsets amongst existing staff when they see vacancies at their present employ.

Advertising costs are for NIMA’s account except in special instances.

We will continue to support the client or applicant long after the placement has been made and confidentiality is maintained throughout.

There is also a guarantee period that NIMA agrees to in case our candidate does not work out.

A highly accurate testing system that will assess candidates in terms of honesty and productivity is also offered.