Construction in the UK is facing an ever growing shortage of skills spanning right across the entire spectrum of the organigram from top down and bottom up. This is limiting the construction companies as the required skills are not as readily available as they were in previous years. The bottom line of construction companies is being seriously affected by this. Labour costs are rising and production costs are rising yet profits are declining due to a scarcity of top construction people with the necessary experience to drive production and negotiate profits. This shortage has hit its lowest point in recent years and is expected to worsen over the coming years. Recruitment of fresh talent is not keeping up with the rate of retirement of the skilled and experienced construction men and women.

According to The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) 160 000 fresh skilled people will be needed to be sourced by 2021 so that the industry does not head into a serious skills crises.

A solution to this is to find solid skills elsewhere. One such “elsewhere” is South Africa. NIMA Recruitment has been sourcing the best construction and engineering talent from South Africa for 15 years and is seen a one of the leaders in construction recruitment in South Africa and across Africa.

South African Engineers are skilled and hardworking and are renowned for adapting to new environments. There is also a mass exodus of South African workers due to the failing economy and unfair employment laws.

NIMA Recruitment has top recruiters with direct access to this highly skilled and educated pool of willing candidates and has set up office in the UK to siphon the skills into the region. Due to NIMA’s massive outreach in South Africa, the candidates are also very familiar to us and not just a collection of CV’s in a data base.

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