The construction landscape in South Africa has evolved drastically in the last 10 years, and this evolution has been accelerated in the last three years due to BBBEEE demands and enforced regulations. Many large construction contractors did not adapt at the rate necessary to remain in business and thus we lost some of the iconic contractors that South Africa has enjoyed for over 50 years.

Strange and unusual “solutions” which later turned into bigger problems than the original were tried, and the price was paid. Economy and other factors can be used as an excuse, but quite frankly, you can make excuses or you can make money, you can’t make both.

What is often ignored is the insight that a good senior recruiter has into the market and if that recruiter has a head on his or her shoulders, they will be able to advise as to what the next move should be. A good recruiter always has his ear to the ground and could actually steer a company left or right with a smart or not so smart placement of key personnel.

As one of the most successful construction recruitment companies in Africa, NIMA Recruitment saw where the holes were and promptly started to plug them with any of our clients that would listen. There was a new dawn in construction and it needed a fresh viewpoint with fresh people. Out with the old tactics and in with the new. An example of this is when NIMA suggested a young Contracts Manager to one of our smaller clients around 3 years ago. Fortunately for them they heard us and took heed. He was within a year and half promoted to Managing Director. This turned one of South Africa’s medium sized companies into a juggernaut that is expanding by the day. They have kept the expansion tight and organised and introduced a strategy that out-smarted all the other competition and they are now unstoppable.

Executive recruitment is an art. It really is. Testing does help, especially the American Precision Personnel Analysis where soft skills are measured, as well as IQ and competency. But a test is not the only thing needed in selecting your next executive. You cannot select or not select, based on a test although it does assist. The candidate needs to be someone with similar goals to the company and his drive to reach those goals needs to be aligned with the rest of the team.

NIMA Recruitment has the wherewithal to find and select the right executive and has been doing so for the last 10 years with bounding success. They really do take pride in their placements and get very personal about it. An understanding of the culture and method of operation is one thing, but being able to match a candidate to an organization is truly remarkable. A good look at the candidate’s interests, family life, values, level of honesty etc. is what needs to be paired with the other executives in the organization.

Once the above criteria are reached, then a realistic offer to the candidate becomes clear and simple. There are no reservations when making the offer. There is a liberal amount of pleasure in meeting the right candidate. You need to really feel it and get excited about getting the person on board. Then you know it is right!

With experience in testing, training, recruitment and business turn around, NIMA Recruitment are the choice of the largest engineering professionals and contractors around Africa. Recommended by some of the top executives in the business.