Here are 10 things you can do that applies to anyone anywhere that is unemployed:

1. Get up early and make your bed. Have a shave or put some make up on.

2. Go for a walk and don’t look down. Look at things around you. Really look.

3. Tidy up your space and keep it tidy.

4. Spent a little time each day to throw stuff out or sell it. Get rid of unneeded stuff. Be brutal about this.

5. Set your CV up in a format that if you saw it you would employ you.

6. Send your CV out to every single platform, company, friend, ex-colleague or potential employer. Never have any reservations about sending your CV to anyone.

7. Never allow yourself to dive into apathy or fear.

8. Write down a list of things or situations that are worse than the one you are in.

9. Set yourself a real attainable goal and write a do-able plan to reach that goal. Have a purpose for having that goal (tip: money is not a valid purpose. What you do with the money is)

10. Only hang out with high spirited individuals.

Go through this list and tick the stuff as you do them. Never, NEVER give up or blame someone else. Take control of your life and only then will you be able to move forward. hashtag#jobhunthashtag#hirehashtag#unemployedhashtag#jobs

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