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There is only one way to do this – PROMOTE IN HIGH VOLUME! Higher volume than you have ever done before. Way, way, way higher! But first you need to know what the word “Promote” means so that you don’t do something else in high volume. Promote: (in this context) To make oneself known. Now to make oneself known means that you will have to hashtag#communicate some kind of an idea about yourself. When doing this you need to make sure that the picture that you paint of yourself is viewed by the receiver as something desirable and that will contribute to the success of their organisation. This does not mean mouthing off in your hashtag#cv about how loyal and hardworking you are. It means you have a clear and concise CV with hashtag#facts about you hashtag#education, your achievements, products that you have created and references from seniors. Never put your own opinion of yourself in your CV or a cover letter, or anywhere. Only verifiable facts and hashtag#statistics. All this information should then be put together in an easy to read format (email me for help on this). It is a skill to put just enough information into a CV and not too much or too little. Once you have this truthful and complete CV composed, send it far and wide on every platform. hashtag#recruitment