How do you know who you are employing? Yes sure there are many tools that one can use to minimize the risk of hiring a “Lemon” or an outright destructive employee. Face to Face interviews, reference checks or skills exercises to test the candidates knowledge of his profession. These are all valid methods and definitely must be used in every hire. However, there is one other factor which probably counts for 50% of a successful hire…..getting inside the candidates head. What makes him tick? How does he react under pressure? Is he cut out for his profession and does he love what he does, or is it just a “job” to him? Will the candidate actively dismantle anything that could result in success of your projects?

If the candidate can tell a good joke or hit a golf ball straight are not going to increase your profits once real production is needed.

Interviews and references can verify whether the person can do the job, but the social smiley mask worn in an interview will soon be stripped away once the person has landed the job. The true colours start to show and it could be ugly.

Employing staff is a little like driving a car without a steering wheel. It may work out.

How do you get more control over your selection process.

Three things need to be tested outside of the actuals skills needed for the job:

  1. The candidates attitude towards work, co-workers, honesty, authority to name a few, is what you absolutely need to know.
  2. The candidates ability to learn new things and his speed of production. Basically his capacity to be competent in relation to his experience and education.
  3. Intelligence; how capable is the candidate of solving problems? In other words, what is his IQ?

Our Precision Personnel Analysis is a series of tests proven over 20 years to be an accurate compass on human behaviour in the workplace.

After years of this testing system being used across the USA and Africa, NIMA Recruitment is offering this comprehensive service now in the UK.

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