Title Senior Architect, Technology (Java)
Categories IT
Salary R1 million pa
Location Cape Town
Job Information

Experience: 11 to 14 years

Here’s what you can look forward
• Working closely with technology and collaborating with other world class technologists
• Opportunity to steer a variety of complex and business critical projects that use the latest technologies and tools
• A culture that values customer satisfaction over everything else
• An environment that is dynamic, collaborative, and non-hierarchical
• Constant skill upgradation through a comprehensive learning ecosystem
• Develop your consulting skills in a culture that promotes curiosity and provides opportunities to engage with internal and external stakeholders at all levels

Here’s what you’ll need:
-Requirements Elicitation & Understanding
• Understand various disparate views of the system.
• Analyze system requirements and map to specific components/libraries.
• Define, understand and be able to analyze the non-functional requirements of the project.
-Architecture & Design
• Be able to envision the overall solution for defined functional and non-functional requirements; and be able to define technologies, patterns and frameworks to materialize it.
• Design and develop the framework of the system and be able to explain choices made. Also write and review design document explaining overall architecture, framework and high level design of the application.
• Create, understand and validate WBS and estimated effort for given module/task, and be able to justify it.
• Be able to define in-scope, out-of-scope and taken assumptions while creating WBS and effort estimates.
• Be able to identify and integrate well over all integration points in context of a project as well as other applications in the environment.
• Define guidelines and benchmarks for NFR considerations during project implementation.
• Do required POCs to make sure that suggested design/technologies meet the requirements.
• Review architecture and design on various aspects like extensibility, scalability, security, design patterns, user experience, NFRs, etc., against a predefined checklist and ensure that all relevant best practices are followed.
• Be able to give solution to any issue that is raised during code/design review and be able to justify the decision taken.
• Possess/acquire strong troubleshooting skills and be interested in performing troubleshooting of issues in different desperate technologies and environments.
• Be able to understand and relate technology integration scenarios and be able to apply these learnings in complex troubleshooting scenarios.
• Be able to help teams in complex and unusual bugs and troubleshooting scenarios.

What would make you a good fit for this role:
• Must have Skills : Frameworks and libraries – Java Servlets, Frameworks and libraries – Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
• Uses Agile engineering practices and various software development technologies to rapidly develop creative and efficient solutions that enhance client organization.
• The candidate must have knowledge of Java 8 and above
• The candidate must have working knowledge with Spring boot frame work
• The candidate must have skill to develop Rest API/Rest Client

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