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Automotive, Transport
Title Workshop Administration Manager
Categories Automotive, Transport
Salary US$5 000 per month + extras
Location Beira, Mozambique
Job Information

Permanent Position
B. Eng Mechanical Engineering or other Technical Mechanic background
Minimum of 7 years experience preferably in Transports, managing a medium/large workshop
Good understanding of the business and business needs
Good knowledge of Microsoft Office products (word; excel)
Age 35-50
Full command of the English language, both written and spoken
Willingness to work nights and weekends as per workload
Job Description:
Provide efficient and effective day to day management of workshop, stores and procurement;
Design and implement state of the art workshop, stores and procurement systems and processes in conjunction with the Group CTO and other stakeholders to:
Provide detailed analysis of all CPK/CPH data, seeking cost saving solutions.
Monitor and access breakdowns to seek solutions to reduce the number.
Identify cost saving opportunities and reduce costs within the workshop, stores and procurement processes;
Control fuel consumption on trucks based on E-check Assistant reports;
Set process standards and measures in the form of scorecards to monitor all aspects of costs and workshop performance, related to trucks, trailers, plant and equipment and all company vehicles, including where necessary CPK and CPK reporting.
Assist and advise management on disposal of assets whether selling, scrapping and/or write off;
Develop policies and procedures, compliant with HSES regulations, for all work processes in the workshop and stores, including anti-theft measures, housekeeping, security of assets (tools, spare parts, diesel, etc);
Ensure all FMS (Fleet Management System) stores procedures are followed and ensure that job orders are always kept up to date;
Ensure that procedures provide for optimum housekeeping practice to keep assets in original condition, in place, and easily accessed through proper storage techniques and shelving;
Manage unscheduled downtime of fleet units to 30 minutes by ensuring processes pro-actively support the provision of all services (Stores, spares availability, tools, etc) to get trucks out within the shortest possible time without prejudice to quality work;
Ensure workshop provides detailed information to procurement about spares needs, in order to ensure that all spares purchased meet manufacturers and company specifications and in time;
Ensure the maintenance, servicing and roadworthiness of all vehicles are attended to on time and within agreed performance indicators and where they are not, take corrective measures.
Manage systems to maintain and manage all data and records of the fleet in FMS that identify vehicle movement between fleets and consistency of FMS record of such movements.
Monitor assignment of work areas by workshop management and that they ensure the timely completion of tasks with the tools and repair equipment at their disposal;
Drive adherence to all standard operating procedures (SOP) provided by the manufacturer of the machine/vehicle or its agent, through the assistant managers and supervisors at each BU.
Establish and maintain a strong and professional working relationship and an open communication channel with operations and legal departments, to assist, amongst others, on accident evaluations, quotations, and all driver and/or workshop deductions relating to misuse or damage of equipment;
Work together with operations department on drivers role in reducing number of accidents and maintenance costs;
Ensure that all workshop and stores accidents are reported and investigated in terms of the regulations and liaise with the legal team;
Promote a culture of responsibility for work areas through attention to housekeeping, professionalism and cleanliness;
Manage, supervise, support and develop Workshop, Stores and Procurement team at the BU’s, ensuring a high level of motivation, discipline and morale;
Manage the hiring of new staff policy, their training and induction;
Monitor work attendance and manage irregular situations through HR and/or Legal departments, in order to take corrective actions and/or Disciplinary processes.
Manage the breakdown process in terms of assignation and attendance through the management and supervisory team;
Perform other tasks as may be required by the CEO and/or his Deputy.
Excellent analytical skills;
Good judgment and strong profit orientation;
Display high levels of responsibility and accountability;
Hard worker, with high levels of energy and self-motivation;
Planning and Organization Skills;
Decision making skills;
Pro-active management style with initiative, dynamism and assertiveness approach;
Show interest in developing direct reports;
Ensuring compliance with the Health, Safety, Environmental & Security and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption policies for yourself and any of your direct reports;
Available to pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role;

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