Over the last 2 to 3 years South Africa has experienced one of the most difficult periods in our history. Unemployment is at and all time high and money is a scarcity like never before too.

South Africans have been subjected to a barrage of set backs and the average citizen has had to deal with an array almost laughable challenges due to the governments wholesale mistakes and incompetence. Just stop at your neighbourhood traffic light and notice the indigents lining up to beg from you, rob you or sell you some useless Chinese trinket.

The only stability a professional in South Africa could find is to flee to another country like New Zealand, the UK or God forbid, Australia. To remain in South Africa means that you better start thinking about starting your own small business or at least get a side gig to supplement your income. The trouble with that is you lay yourself open to the bullying of the bigger companies. Late payment, non payment and of course the more visible crimes that plagues South Africa, and which is actually just a symptom of all of the above.

Our skills pool has depleted drastically in the last two years. As a recruiter it has become more and more difficult to find professional and competent candidates for our positions. Every second person we call to check for interest in a senior position is either already in New Zealand or selling up to leave our shores. Its astounding the high number of people in this category. And I am talking about black professionals as well as whites, coloureds and Indians.

Well 2020 is upon us and our beloved country is showing promise of improvement despite what the nay sayers have to say. There are tenders being awarded (to competent companies) and spades are being put in the ground. I foresee a boom in 2020 and we will be caught with our pants down. There are going to be too many positions open and not enough people.

I wrote an article earlier this year about “light at the end of the tunnel” an there certainly is, and yes, it is a freight train, and it’s full of jobs, and it’s going to run us over as we are not prepared to deliver the amount of work coming our way. So be prepared as the cub scouts say. Get your CV’s ready and keep your ears to the ground.